Mats Carlbäck

Orebro University, Sweden

Mats Carlbäck, PhD, holds a PhD in Business Administration from School of Business, Economics and Law from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Mats is an assistant professor at the School of Culinary Art, Meal Science and Hospitality at Örebro University in his native Sweden. Next to his appointment at Örebro University, he is an associate professor of applied science at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands.

Before his academic career Mats held managerial roles in Sweden, the UK and several other countries and owned and managed several businesses within the hospitality industry.

Mario A. Pagnotta

University of Tuscia, Italy

Prof. Mario A. Pagnotta is associate professor of Agricultural genetics at University of Tuscia. Graduated in Agricultural Sciences at the University of Perugia in 1984, he got his Ph.D. in Genetic-Ecology at Reading University (UK) in 1991.

His activities included project management, student supervising, lecture and participation in several national and international projects. The research activity focuses mainly on the assessment of the genetic variability in natural populations, landraces and the characterization of plant germplasm of several species, and the relationship between genetic variation and edaphic factors, as well as on topics related with the biodiversity conservation, adaptation and the variety identification. The analyses are conducted using traditional and advanced methodologies, based on different kinds of molecular markers. Particular attention is paid to the resistance to abiotic stress, especially drought stress, looking also at the distribution and identification of SNP markers for genes related to drought and salt tolerance.

Philip Shelley

Malnutrition Task Force, UK

Phil has worked in the NHS for 26 years, having also worked in the hospitality industry.  As Past Chair of the Hospital Catering Association, he is committed to raising the profile of malnutrition with a focus on prevention, quality of food choice and access to appropriate hydration. He believes that Health and Social Care should provide integrated support for our public particularly as they recover from surgery and illness.

Phil hopes that his involvement with MTF will enable him to link positively with other healthcare teams in driving consistency of standards, which encompasses the role of the supplier in partnership with the NHS.

Agnieszka Jaworowska

University College London, UK

Dr. Sonia Massari has more than 20 years of experience as an educator,  researcher, consultant, and designer in the fields of human-food interaction design, sustainability education, design thinking and creative methods for innovative agri-food systems. She currently is  the Academic Director at the Future Food Academy,  a Research Fellow at Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment (PAGE) at the University of Pisa and a senior consultant at the Barilla Foundation. Co-founder of FORK Food Design Organization,  an international no-profit organization dedicated to food+design. The title of her book is: “Trans-disciplinary Case Studies on Design for Food and Sustainability” (2021, Elsevier)

Alberto Angioni

University of Cagliari, Italy

Alberto Angioni is working as a Professor in the Department of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Cagliari, Italy. He received a Master’s Degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology from the University of Cagliari and a Doctorate in Chemistry of Drugs from the University of Cagliari Italy. In 1998 Senior Scientist at the Analytical Laboratory of CRAS After that Researcher in Food Chemistry and a Full Professor in Food Chemistry. His working  Assignments at International and National Associations in Like Member as treasurer of the Office of the Presidency of the Mediterranean Group of Pesticide Research (MGPR, International Association for Food Safety), Member of the Bureau of the Italian Phytosanitary and Environmental Research Group (GRIFA), Member of the School of Ph.D. in Toxicology of the University of Cagliari, Member of the INTERNAL DOCTORATE “CHEMISTRY, TOXICOLOGY AND HEALTHINESS OF FOODS” of the University of Perugia., President of the Mediterranean Group of Pesticide Research (MGPR, International Association for the Research of Residues of Phytosanitary Products)., President of (the Italian Group of Pesticide Research (GRIFA)., Member of the National Committee of Food Safety (CNSA) of the Ministry of Health, President of the Italian Society of Food Chemistry (ITACHEMFOOD)

Dawn Bowstead

Hospitality Jobs, UK

Dawn has more than 30 years’ experience within the recruitment industry, holding Group Recruitment positions for FTSE 100 companies and is now the Founder & Co-Owner of Hospitality Jobs UK – the fastest growing independent hospitality jobsite across the UK. Renowned as an industry expert, Dawn is also the “go to” for all things recruitment. She is actively involved in a number of trade bodies and charities, including: Only a Pavement Away and Licensed Trade Charity – as their recruitment advisor and ambassador. Dawn is a fountain of knowledge and actively shares and demonstrates recruitment best practice in all the projects she’s involved in. Dawn is a guest speaker, panellist and judge at key industry awards. She enjoys hosting interviews and is only too happy to form part of the interviewing panel.

Fook Yee Chye

Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia

Dr. Fook Yee Chye is a full Professor at the Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition, Universiti Malaysia Sabah. His areas of expertise are food safety, fermentation, probiotics, and food innovation. Professor Chye is currently serving as panel evaluator for several national research grants and innovation schemes. He has won several prestigious international and national research innovation awards and a few patents of inventions and trademarks have been registered as research outputs. He serves as editorial board member for various WoS/Scopus indexed journals in the field of food science and nutrition from the reputable publishers (Elsevier, Springer, etc.). Professor Chye is also a panel assessor of Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) that accredits and recognizes academic program at undergraduate and postgraduate levels offered by institutes of higher learning in Malaysia. He is also an external assessor for food science and technology program of several universities in Malaysia.

Sanem Argin

Yeditepe University, Turkey

Dr. Sanem Argin received her Ph.D. degree in Food Science from University of Maryland (UMD), College Park, US,. After receiving her Ph.D. degree, she worked as  ‘Project Development Specialist’ in Aromsa, Inc., Turkey for 3 years.  Later, she accepted a full-time faculty position in the Department of Food Engineering at Yeditepe University in February 2011. She is the Founding Department Head of  Agricultural Trade and Management at Yeditepe University since April 2019.  Recently, she took a role as the ‘Global Planning and Business Development Director’ in MOYAgro Inc., a start-up company developing block-chain based solutions for agri-food industry. She authored many scientific papers in prestigious international journals, book chapters and a patent.

Snezana Stetic

Balkan Network of Tourism Experts, Serbia

Prof. dr Snežana Štetić is a full-time University professor and CEO of the Balkan Network of Tourism Experts. She is engaged, for more than 30 years, in research work in the field of Tourism and Hospitality and the global importance of food and beverages in the tourist offer. She has published over 30 books in the field of tourism, as well as a large and significant number of works in international journals. She was teaching in Serbia and many other Countries on the Balkan region and in Europe. Professor Štetic is the organizer of special courses for the education of the rural population for tourism and the inclusion of agricultural products in the tourist offer. The special importance of this education lies in the economic effects for agricultural households. Through educational activities, she involves students in the work of the hotel and hospitality industry and influences their education about the importance of nutrition, gastronomy and local drinks for the promotion and presentation of the touristic offer of destinations.

Chunpeng Wan

Jiangxi Agricultural University, China

Dr. Chunpeng Wan is working as Professor in the College of Agronomy, Jiangxi Agricultural University (JXAU), Nanchang, China. He received his M.S. degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from Jiangxi University of Chinese Medicine, and Ph.D. from Nanchang University, China. Furthermore, Dr. Wan joined Department of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences at University of Rhode Island as a visiting scholar and post doctorate fellow in 2011 and 2014. Dr. Wan’s research interest include Phytochemistry and human health benifits, Postharvest Biology and Technology of Citrus fruits. His research continues to be funded by federal, state, and other agencies. Dr. Wan edited various books, authored over 150 publications. Dr. Wan also worked as Editor-in-Chief of World Journal of Biological Chemistry, Associate Editor of International Journal of Agriculture Forestry and Life Sciences, Editor of Frontiers in Nutrition, Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Journal of Food Quality, Open Chemistry, Advances in Agriculture, Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, Editorial Advisory Board of Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology, Folia Horticulturae, and Pharmacognosy Magazine and as a Bentham Science Ambassador in 2019-2020.

Zhiling Yu

Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

Dr. Zhiling Yu is currently Professor in the School of Chinese Medicine at the Hong Kong Baptist University. Dr. Yu received his undergraduate education at Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and obtained his PhD degree in biochemistry from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Before joining Hong Kong Baptist University, he once worked at the China Pharmaceutical University and the University of Macau. Dr. Yu is known for his research in herbal pharmacology, focusing on anticancer and anti-inflammatory herbs, and in quality control of Chinese medicinal materials. He has published more than 200 peer-reviewed research papers.

Alexandrina Sirbu

Universitatea Constantin Brancoveanu, Romania

Alexandrina Sirbu is Full Professor of Food Science and Technology, Food Safety, and Quality Management at Constantin Brancoveanu University of Pitesti (Romania) and Head of the Research Center in Tourism and Lasting Development. She is also a technical expert and consultant (freelancer) with a demonstrated history of working for the food industry and certification bodies. Having a Ph.D. in Food Engineering (2000) and a Master’s in Private Law (2016), her research interests include baking technology, functional foods, food safety and quality assurance, process control, consumer behavior, sustainability, and food qualifications. Professional experience has been extended from education (HE and VET) to research-innovation (RDI) and knowledge transfer to industry and other stakeholders. She joined some national and international professional associations, currently Chair of the Valcea branch AGIR (The General Assoc. of the Engineers in Romania) and Co-chair Europe, WG Consumer Perception – GHI (Global Harmonization Initiative).

Ian James Martins

Independent Scientist, Australia

Dr. Ian James Martins is an Editor/Reveiwer for Open Acess Pub/MDPI journals, Frontiers, Scientific Reports (Nature) and various other international journals. Advisory Board Member for Photon Journal. Ian James Martins is now ranked as a World Scientist and University Rankings 2021. He has won the Distinguished Scientist Award 2021 in “International Scientist Awards on Engineering, Science and Medince” (PONDICHERRY AWARDS). VD GOOD Technology Factory.

Rafael A. Zambelli

Universidade Federal do Ceará, Brazil

Rafael A. Zambelli studied Food Engineering at the Federal University of Ceará (UFC), Brazil and completed a master’s and Doctorate in Food Science and Technology at the same University. Currently, he is head of the Food Engineering Department at (UFC) and coordinates the Food Biomaterials Laboratory, developing research focused on the development of new food products, food microstructure, bioactive foods and the effect of processing on product quality. He holds more than 20 patent applications in Brazil and has published more than 50 scientific articles in international journals.

Baher Effat

National Research Centre, Egypt

Baher Effat is a Research Professor of Food and Dairy Microbiology, National Research Centre, Egypt. Over 36 years of experience in Food and Dairy Bacteriology, he shared and supervised over than 6 Master and Ph.D Thesis in Food and Dairy sciences and more than 66 scientific publications in food  and dairy microbiology, functional dairy products , probiotics and propionic acid bacteria and pathogenic bacteria and in Food and Dairy Products. He has shared in national and international programs and projects. He joined many international conferences and workshop, in addition to scientific activities.

Angel Paniagua Mazorra

OPIS Research Scientist Institute, Spain

Angel Paniagua Mazorra is a OPIS Research Scientist Institute for Policies and Public Goods Department of Economics and Politics. She received Undergraduate degree (1986) and PhD (1990) in Human Geography at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Is the first Spanish researcher with publications in Land Use Policy or Journal of Rural Studies. Referee of more than 40 journals around the world.

Scientific editor (in association), in the year 1999 of special issue on Environmental Policies and Sustainability (Revista Internacional de Sociologia); in the year 2006  (in association) of the special issue on Public policies, Sustainability and Rural Geography of the journal Boletín de la Asociación de Geógrafos Españoles; and editor in the years 2007-08 of the special issue on Qualification of Space of the journal Arbor edited by CSIC. Author or coauthor of more 150  papers and book chapters. Member of editorial board of some relevant journals (ISI, SCOPUS) in sociology and environmental studies. It is currently Member of Editorial Advisory Group. Environmental Studies book series. Cambridge Schol. Publs., book quality proposals are welcome. Between 2015 and 2017 he was the first representative of the CSIC -Spanish Council for Scientific Research-  in the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture.


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