Snezana Stetic

Balkan Network of Tourism Experts, Serbia

Prof. dr Snežana Štetić is a full-time University professor and CEO of the Balkan Network of Tourism Experts.
She is engaged, for more than 30 years, in research work in the field of Tourism and Hospitality and the global importance of food and beverages in the tourist offer. She has published over 30 books in the field of tourism, as well as a large and significant number of works in international journals. She was teaching in Serbia and many other Countries on the Balkan region and in Europa.
Professor Štetic is the organizer of special courses for the education of the rural population for tourism and the inclusion of agricultural products in the tourist offer. The special importance of this education lies in the economic effects for agricultural households.
Through educational activities, she involves students in the work of the hotel and hospitality industry and influences their education about the importance of nutrition, gastronomy and local drinks for the promotion and presentation of the touristic offer of destinations.