Alexandrina Sirbu

Universitatea Constantin Brancoveanu, Romania

Alexandrina Sirbu is Full Professor of Food Science and Technology, Food Safety, and Quality Management at Constantin Brancoveanu University of Pitesti (Romania) and Head of the Research Center in Tourism and Lasting Development. She is also a technical expert and consultant (freelancer) with a demonstrated history of working for the food industry and certification bodies. Having a Ph.D. in Food Engineering (2000) and a Master's in Private Law (2016), her research interests include baking technology, functional foods, food safety and quality assurance, process control, consumer behavior, sustainability, and food qualifications. Professional experience has been extended from education (HE and VET) to research-innovation (RDI) and knowledge transfer to industry and other stakeholders. She joined some national and international professional associations, currently Chair of the Valcea branch AGIR (The General Assoc. of the Engineers in Romania) and Co-chair Europe, WG Consumer Perception - GHI (Global Harmonization Initiative).